Online Mentoring Software and High Touch Partnerships

February 16, 2015

Benefits of Online Mentoring Software

Mentoring is all about human “high touch” relationships. So why go for high tech in a mentoring program that should be all about high touch? For medium to large-scale mentoring initiatives, the use of online mentoring software has been proven to facilitate mentoring programs and produce tangible gains – all without compromising the high touch aspect of individual mentoring partnerships.

It’s hard to argue against the potential gains resulting from a successful mentoring initiative. And while incorporating online mentoring software into your program would mean a bigger investment, the benefits for your program also increase exponentially.

To make sure you’re taking a step in the right direction, take a look at the following ways that mentoring software can promote success in your mentoring program while also supporting the bottom line.

Facilitate Sound Mentor Matching

Just like any other investments you make, mentoring initiatives have the potential for failure. However, in setting up your program correctly from the start, you have the ability to guarantee success.

One of the most important foundations for a strong mentoring program is sound mentor matches. In many mentoring programs, the administrator hand-matches mentors and mentees, but this can mean a lot of papers, stress, and time.

This is where the “high tech” aspect of mentoring comes in. By using online mentoring software, mentor matching can be done quickly and efficiently using an array of clear and specific personal criteria geared towards personal and career development.

With the aid of a mentoring software solution, participants can be matched based on a wide variety of mentor matching criteria, depending on your organization’s main objectives for your mentoring program.

Increase Administrative Efficiency

In addition to mentor matching tools, a well-designed mentoring software solution typically include a way to assess development, as well as reporting and analytics tools. Just as mentor matching tools alleviate the stress of manually going through the process yourself, these tools give you necessary insight into the program.

Data tracking and reporting tools allow you to oversee your program more closely, and therefore enable you to quickly spot problem areas you may need to fix, or successful areas you should promote. Because this frees up your time and gives you a way to target your outreach efforts, it also enables you to allow the focus of the program to remain on the mentoring relationships.

Reduce Training Expenses

By increasing your administrative efficiency, you automatically achieve a greater program capacity. This, in return, leads to a greater participation rate within your organization.

As a result, all of these benefits of effective mentoring allow you to reduce your training expenses because they enable your organization to either complement or replace offsite training initiatives, which are well known to be expensive. By cutting training costs per employee, as well as increasing time spent on the job that would have otherwise been spent in training classes, you are generating greater productivity for your company.

Online Mentoring Software Isn’t for Everyone

Remember, each organization is different and yours is no exception. Before you implement mentoring software, take the time to calculate your potential ROI. According to Judy Corner, mentoring training SME at Insala, an integrated mentoring software solution works best for firms with a minimum of 75-100 employees.

But regardless of the size of your organization, incorporating online mentoring software into your mentoring initiative can render a “high-tech, high-touch” solution that improves not just employee productivity and administrative efficiency, but your organization’s bottom line as well.

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