Successful Onboarding through Mentoring Programs

April 20, 2011

- Adjust New Employees to Company Culture

Acclimating new employees to company culture has proven just as important as familiarizing them to their new roles. But how do companies do this during times of transition or change - to best prepare new employees to be successful?

Judy Corner, a twenty-year mentoring and career development professional, shares her experiences working with one company’s challenge of onboarding new hires after a sizable merger. Corner describes how the use of mentoring successfully aided new hire acclimation to company culture, and gave them a proper onboarding to minimize turnover during a time of considerable change.

The Challenge: The company needed to help newly acquired employees through a merger. In addition to acclimating to the new environment, these employees also had to relocate. New employees were adjusting to a new company location having come from an urban New York City office to a location in a small town in Connecticut. The company feared without proper onboarding after the merger they would experience unwanted turnover.

The Solution:The company implemented a strategic mentoring process, which identified and selected qualified mentors at the new location to assist in the onboarding of the new employees.

The company clearly communicated the time commitment required of the mentor partnerships. Then the selected mentors were educated on how to support new hires after the merger, and each new hire was assigned a mentor based on the new hires’ specific needs. Taking it a step further, each new hire’s family was also assigned a mentor to help them adjust to their new location.

The Result: 84% of the new employees were very satisfied with their overall onboarding experience. Their families sent letters to the company expressing gratitude for their mentors’ support in their relocation and assimilation. The mentoring process demonstrated the company’s commitment to their employees solidifying a positive corporate reputation.

The promise of a supportive mentor and a structured mentoring program attracts the most capable and motivated candidates to your company. A corporate mentoring program helps enable new hires to assimilate and understand your company more quickly and adapt to your company culture, making the onboarding process more efficient and effective.

The Added Value of Mentoring Software

Companies that use an online mentoring technology solution, such as those offered by Insala, can more easily manage a successful onboarding process that is cost-effective and efficient. A high quality and robust online mentoring solution enables companies to:
  • Demonstrate to new hires your company is committed to professional development through mentoring partnerships and supporting content online.
  • Qualify mentors with an online application process to identify mentors with the skills, qualities and level of commitment to participate in a mentor program.
  • Encourage employee self-reflection and engagement with psychometric assessments.
  • Pair new hires with best mentors within company based on psychometric assessments and mentor/mentee applications. This ensures mentors will successfully meet new hire knowledge, productivity and development needs.
  • Provide mentors, mentees and program administrators access to all relevant information from a customizable online portal.
If you’re looking to revamp your onboarding process to give your new hires the best experience upon joining your company and help them adjust to your unique company culture, a targeted mentoring program can be a cost-effective solution. Insala provides mentoring consulting, training, customized mentoring workshops and online mentoring software solutions to help you implement a best-practice mentoring program with measurable ROI.

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