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New Job Search Strategy Leads to Outplacement Opportunity: Management of Online Identity on Social Media Sites

Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX – October 06, 2009 – Insala, the global leader in outplacement and career transition software, announces the publication of it’s most recent whitepaper, Outplacement Opportunities in Online Identity Management: Leading the Next Job Search Paradigm Shift. The latest addition to Insala’s research resources reveals recruitment trends and reasons why jobseekers should properly manage their online identity to be a standout in cyberspace.

Now available on request "Outplacement Opportunity in Online Identity Management: Leading the Next Job Search Paradigm Shift" highlights the importance of creating an online identity management strategy, the growing role of social media in recruitment with figures from employer and employee surveys demonstrating hiring and web tendencies related to social media sites.

Highlighted topics include employers’ use of social media sites for recruitment and potential candidates, high percentage of job seekers with accounts on popular sites, but most are missing the boat on how proper use of these sites can help them capture the attention of prospective employers and an online solution with bundled tools and resources to create and use online identity branding.

According to a Q4 2008 survey of over 31,000 employers, 22% had searched for online profiles of their candidates and used them to influence their decisions, compared with 11% in 2006, with an additional 9% indicating that they planned to do so.

Social media sites are more often used for personal than professional endeavors, 89% of adults on social network sites use their accounts to keep up with friends compared to 28% who use them to promote themselves professionally says The Pew 2009 Research Center survey. A study by Harvey Nash, a global recruitment consultancy, indicated that only 12% of online 18-24 year olds use social media sites to find job leads.

EmploymentTalk Version 4 provides tools and resources for outplacement firms to create online identity management strategies for their clients. Features include:
  • Bio Pages – Allows clients to build professional Online Bio Page
  • Google Optimized – Client Bio Pages can be found on Google
  • Privacy Controls – Clients restrict bio information in different networks
  • LinkedIn – Integration with LinkedIn, making virtual networking faster and easier
  • Advice – Everything you need to know on creating, building and managing your client brand online
To learn how to capitalize on the new online job search networking paradigm, read Outplacement Opportunities in Online Identity Management: Leading the Next Job Search Paradigm Shift at

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