Challenges For Large Mentoring Programs

April 20, 2017
Mentoring program challenges for any organization will differ depending on the size of  the mentoring program that is to be launched. Itís essential to firstly understand these challenges before the mentoring program commences. In addition, adhering to the below solutions provided will result in positive feedback as well as successful ROI's and increased retention in the organization. 

What are the biggest challenges for large mentoring programs?

  • Communication: Communication is first because it is imperative for the organization to the mentor and also the mentee - really, this is the key element for all parties. If the organization fails to inform their employees of the goal of the mentoring program, or the requirements for both mentor and mentee, or even if the "buzz" sounds more like "crickets," the program will never reach its potential. 
  • Involvement: If the whole organization is allowed to partake in the program, then everyone in it may examine the actual program but fail to ever go further in creating relationships. This is exactly the opposite of what the program is intended for. 
  • Relationships: Larger programs have a higher risk that relationships won't work partly because the human side of the pairing is lost. Sometimes two people just cannot work well together. For the mentors and mentees, a fluid, personal relationship is the groundwork for either a positive alliance or frankly, a waste of time and money. 

How has Insala eliminated these challenges?

  1. Before the program is ever launched we recommend the organization to create a strong, exciting marketing campaign for the program that will enhance involvement but also provide a clear, concise effort to communicate to employees with what the program is all about. This means continuous communication, the benefits of the program and why the organization is doing it. 
  2. The mentor and mentee must agree on clear ground rules for each other. For example the mentor may want to explain their years of experience or if they will have enough time to have a relationship with their mentee. This has to be expressed while also maintaining continuous communication.
  3.  A first meeting is recommended to gain insight from each other - like their learning styles and different personality types. We have provided means to simplify the matching process and pair the right people for the right relationship.  
  4. In the program, we have created specialized mentoring software communication tools that will remind those in the program on specific items that they need to do, gather feedback, log and update goals that way the organization and mentor-mentee receive the data they need. 

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