Don't Say Goodbye To Your Exiting Employees

November 16, 2017
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One of the best parts about investing in an alumni network is that you donít have to tell your employees goodbye when they leave. Many organizations are starting to realize that their past employees can be just as much an asset as their current employees. Whether they are rehiring employees, boomerangs, or using them to build brand awareness, or alumni clients are happily growing a network that is benefiting their organization beyond their expectations.

It All Starts from The Beginning

Many organizations worry that an alumni employee may not be the best advocate, but there is a great way to combat that- start from the beginning.

The largest alumni networks are filled with people who knew about the organizationís alumni program long before they ever decided to leave. Many of them were even introduced to the network during onboarding. This allows the organization to not only build awareness, but to keep employees involved so that engagement increases once they join your alumni network. But you may be wondering how you would keep them engaged?

Give Them What They Are Asking For

Itís as simple as this, your alumni are looking at you to be as much of an asset to their career as you are looking for them to be an asset to your organization. So, give them what they are asking for. Itís all about the exchange of information and the non-stop communication between an organization their alumni network.

Provide them with helpful industry content and opportunities to communicate with you and their peers, but get your executives involved. Your alumni want to get their information straight from the source and they already know your high-level execs are the best in the business.

Be a Career Asset

Not only are they looking for a content source, but they are looking for career development, provided by you. Give them an opportunity to view job openings for all organizations, but especially for your organization. Your alumni network is an extremely important talent pool for your organization.

As reported by the Huffington Post, our current alumni client, Sodexo, found that their boomerang hires had a 44% higher retention rate over a three-year time frame than other external hires. ďWhen former employees come back, they are more loyal, and they tend to stay longer,Ē affirms Lisa Inserra.

These are numbers that you canít ignore, especially in a world where employee retention rates are steadily decreasing every year.

Donít Wait to Start

As the millennials continue to take over the workforce, long-term tenure is becoming a thing of the past. These employees are constantly looking for growth and new opportunity, so you can already expect them to leave. Take advantage of that knowledge. Donít wait to start your alumni network after years of turnover. Remember what we said earlier in this article, start from the beginning. Your network can grow every day.

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