How Mobile are Your HR Functions?

January 06, 2017
The year is 2017 and anything that canít be accessed in the palm of oneís hand is considered inconvenient.[Click to Tweet}  The times have changed and organizations are taking note. 

ADP, a leading payroll services provider, released a report on the ongoing trend of  data mobility ; that is having access to data wherever and whenever. More and more employees are tracking schedules, pay dates and benefits through mobile applications as the global use and ownership of smartphones continue to proliferate.

Whatís your current functionality? 
Gauge your organizationís use of mobile platforms by what can be accomplished from a four-inch screen. Being able to look at payroll statements and benefits is one positive. But can your organization be doing more, in terms of data availability, to attract top talent now and in the future? ADPís report said that Generation C (those born after 1997) will be the most plugged in candidates the world has seen, having grown up in the most digital era to date. Take a look at what data employees have available to them at a momentís notice. Adopting more digital alternatives can save cost and time on both ends. Even if your organization is checking all of the requisite boxes (Payroll, Benefits, scheduling), there is more to offer employees in todayís workplace. 

How does your mobile HR function compare to your competition?
So youíve found that your organization has the basics covered, what now? Now is the time to look into advanced HR functions. According to ADPís report, Generation C will not see HR mobility as an innovation but rather an expectation. Corporate alumni networks, mentoring programs and career counseling are the next steps in HR mobility innovation. Personalized mobile networks within a company structure provide a digital framework of reference for employees to access on the go. This isnít about reinventing the wheel; itís about switching out the gears. Much like millennials are swiping left and right on each other, they want to be able to swipe, tap and scroll through the rest of their lives. What advantage does an organization gain from fighting the wave, rather than riding it?

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