Mentoring Is Not Just for Entry-Level Employees

January 09, 2018
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Growing leadership expertise in a short period of time within an organization is a continual challenge. The speed of projects and the need for innovation have increased to a point that organizations are moving people into positions of management and leadership at an ever-increasing pace. Because of this challenge, many individuals are being put into a position that they are not prepared for and have been labeled as “bad managers”.

As we all know, having a bad manager on board can be detrimental to an organization. It can lead to decreased employee engagement and decreased employee retention, two factors that many organizations are wanting to increase. By solving one problem of filling a necessary position in the succession pipeline, organizations are unknowingly creating two potential problems.

While many individuals believe that mentoring is strictly for entry-level employees, that is not the case. Managers can see just as much benefit from participating in a mentoring relationship as anyone else. Here are two ways that mentoring can benefit your managers…

Improving the Manager’s Skill Set

When an individual takes on a management role, they typically have the skills necessary to perform the required tasks, but they may not have the skills to be a successful manager. By matching this less experienced manager with a more experienced manager, they can receive guidance in developing their management skills. They find out what competencies are valued by the organization and what their management style should look like.

Providing a Safe Place for Guidance

Mentoring can also give the new manager a safe environment when seeking guidance for sensitive employee issues that they normally have not faced in the past. Having a mentor allows them to seek advice from someone who has been in the situation before and knows how to properly handle it.

Because mentoring allows you to solve your career development and management issues, employees are able to create the sense of company loyalty and engagement they need to feel secure in their position within the organization. So, not only do your managers benefit from mentoring, but so does your entire organization.

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