Mentoring Technology for the High Tech, High Touch Age

April 21, 2015

Technology has quickly taken over the facet of business life where human-to-human interaction used to be the norm. However, itís important to keep in mind that technology isnít a bad thing in and of itself. Especially when weíre talking about mentoring technology, weíre talking about an aid that can be extremely valuable to keeping track of your participants and maintaining control over your program. It works as an internal aid to help alleviate the stress of your administrative burden.

But, if it is used incorrectly, mentoring technology can be detrimental to your mentoring program.

It's not a crutch. Incorporating technology into your mentoring program should bolster and strengthen your program, including all the relationships that comprise it: mentor-mentee, mentee-manager, and participant-administrator. Never forget that the program administrator should be the central hub of information and communication - but there's a definite balance between high tech and high touch. Especially if your mentoring program is big, and you're finding it unwieldy to be as hands-on as you would like, mentoring technology can be a huge asset in helping you strike that balance.

Finding the Right Mentoring Technology Philosophy for your Organization

The number one thing you need to be sure you do is institute mentoring as a business strategy within your organization. Without this understanding of your mentoring program in place, and a strong plan and measurements to back it up, everything will collapse Ė including any mentoring technology you put in place.

Aligning your strategy with your mentoring technology allows you to give a definitive purpose to your mentoring program, such as:

  • Connecting multiple generations
  • Addressing a critical skills gap
  • Promoting gender diversity
  • Advancing your on-boarding process
  • Developing your organizationís future leaders
  • Putting a succession development plan in place

The list doesnít end there, of course Ė mentoring is an extremely flexible developmental method that can be used to target many organizational developmental issues.

The Age of High Tech High Touch Mentoring

Technology has a presence in our world that canít be avoided, no matter what generation youíre part of. It would be senseless to try to avoid it and not make use of its benefits in our developmental programs, considering how well-integrated technology is in every other aspect of our lives, and how useful it is to us.

Imagine being able to see a major problem point in your program and being able to address it before the effects are felt throughout the rest of your program. Imagine hearing the discord in one or two partnerships and being able to step in to ameliorate the situation before it spread.

Thatís what mentoring technology should do for you. Itís up to you to utilize your mentoring technology in a positive way that enhances the mentoring partnerships and experiences of the people in your program.

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