Reverse Mentoring for Financial Services

March 03, 2017

The financial services industry is built on high uses of technology, specialized knowledge and efficiency. Senior managers who have grown up in the financial service sector are abreast of, and proficient on using technology. But here's the thing: financial services (FS) are known for early adoption especially in consulting. That means new technologies are always being tried and integrated, which can be overwhelming for anyone - seasoned in the high pressure FS. Before you pull your hair out, FS professionals, you might want to look into organizations, mentoring programs, and discover the benefits of reverse mentoring.

Supporting Technology Adoption 

The mentor might be sitting right outside your office, multi-tasking on periscope, snap chat, Instagram, Facebook, and their daily work assignments all while using the technology your comfortable using. 
Reverse mentoring is taking advantage of skill sets of people in all levels of the organization who perhaps might be unlikely mentors traditionally. Reverse mentoring, also known as digital mentoring, is clearly beneficial when we are talking about technology. 

Diversity and Managerial Skills 

Reverse mentoring is also used for matters of diversity and social responsibility. What does that mean? Specifically, people who are very different, with different ideas, backgrounds, life experiences, culture, orientation, may be tapped on the shoulder to enhance FS professionals worldview, helping them to become a more well-rounded consultant, manager, or colleague.

One program running in the United Kingdom, by an organization named Radius, actually connects LGBTQ individuals with board members of FS organizations to help them better understand what it means to be "out" in the workplace.

Insala celebrates its twenty year anniversary in April 2016. Most of those years were spent supporting the world's leading financial services organizations. Insala has always been a young technology company, providing reverse mentoring for its clients.

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