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Custom Mentoring Programs

Insala's can create a customized solution for your unique needs all mentoring training, and mentoring software can be customized. All our mentoring solutions are delivered by experienced mentoring consultants, with over 20 years of experience in the industry.

Mentoring Solutions

Custom Mentoring Solutions
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Custom Mentoring Programs

At Insala, we understand that every organization focuses on unique goals and competencies in developing their employees. We support your organizationís unique needs, competencies and talent pool with custom mentoring solutions targeted to specific objectives. With one or more of these targeted programs, you will be able to help your employees grow beyond their comfort zones and achieve the career goals, in a way that enables your organization to achieve its highest potential.

Our consultants can help you implement the following programs and more
  • Mentoring for superior customer service
  • Mentoring for high potentials and leadership development
  • Mentoring for effective use of technology
  • Mentoring for senior executives
  • Mentoring for project management
  • Mentoring for creativity and innovation
  • Mentoring to build specific on-the-job skills/competencies
  • Distance or virtual mentoring
Contact us today to learn more about our custom mentoring programs and other mentoring solutions.