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  • People Developing People: The Move to Mentoring
        Chief Learning Officer
        November 2009
    While mentoring can’t fully replace traditional classroom-based training and e-learning programs, it can help reinforce them and provide much-needed one-on-one support. More
  • Firings Fuel a Boom In Outplacement
        February 2009
    Job losses in 2008 were worse than any year since 1945, according to the U.S. Department of Labor. Now an industry formed in response to unemployment after World War II is booming again. Outplacement—career counseling for laid-off workers—began to help the wave of GI's returning to the U.S. labor market. Today, outplacement firms are again doing a brisk business, hired by companies to help laid-off employees find new work. More
  • The Insala Outplacement industry forecast for 2009
        05 January 2009
    With world economies tumbling and layoffs looming, what is the outlook for the outplacement industry? Is it enjoying a resurgence? What is the forecast for layoffs? Who is being hit the hardest? What’s new in layoff legislation? How are outplacement firms transforming to meet changing market demands? This cutting-edge article answers these questions - aggregating factual data from the most current prominent studies into a powerhouse of knowledge. It is a sequel to the Outplacement Industry Forecast 2008 published earlier this year. More
  • Redundancy tips for employers, the editors’ blog
        10 December 2008
    Redundancies are difficult for employers, and one mistake may result in severe consequences, financial or otherwise, for the organisation. Here are some top tips from jobs board Monster and Insala, talent management software provider, on tackling redundancy situations. More
  • How To Fire 50,000 People
        09 December 2008
    Technology makes it easier, but laying off thousands of people is both costly and labor-intensive. More
  • Organizations Increasingly Turn to Online Outplacement Solutions
        20 November 2008
    Insala, a global provider of outplacement and career transition software, is reporting a significant increase in usage among EmploymentTalk clients.

    With more than 20 percent of the world’s outplacement firms powered by EmploymentTalk, Insala’s online outplacement solution, Insala’s U.K. clients have experienced a 30 percent increase in use when comparing October 2008 with October 2007. In the U.S., the increase during the same period is nearly 20 percent, mirroring the layoff news and redundancy announcements reported during the past 12 months. More
  • HR Leader Club: The generation gap
        HR magazine
        01 November 2008
    Commenting on Smith's words, Phillip Roark, chief executive officer of event sponsor Insala, said: "Smith's approach is really practical. It takes into account the similarities and differences that generation Y bring to the workplace. His work facilitates a dialogue about how we can better understand the various benefits these differences bring to the modern workplace." More
  • Corporate social responsibility: Responsibly yours
        04 June 2008
    According to Philip Roark, managing director of people specialist Insala, CSR has a natural home in the people-focused areas of a business because, while the Companies Act is quite general, there is a requirement for organisations to report on the people in their organisation. "CSR is quite ambiguous," he admits. "But a lot of it now is about being strategic – looking at what it means to a company. If you put a programme in place that includes the L&D function, you're halfway there." More
  • Deloitte Reaches Across Generations
        Workforce Management Online
        April 2008
    The consulting firm’s growth strategies hinge on its ability to blend employees from four different eras into a cohesive workforce. More
  • Corporate Responsibility’s Impact on Talent Management
        April 2008
    This article is written by our researcher, Beth Kniss. Spawned from increased public awareness of such global issues as climate change, consumer product safety and rapid industrialization, corporate responsibility — a concept in which organizations feel an obligation to consider and operate in the interests of customers, employees, shareholders, communities and the environment — is becoming mainstream. More