Benefits of Maintaining Alumni Relationships

February 08, 2019

Why are corporate alumni relationships important if the alumni no longer work for your organization? Alumni can deliver assets to your organization long after they leave. Maintaining engaged alumni relationships gives both the organization and the alumni a chance to receive benefits.

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Here are 4 benefits of maintaining alumni relationships:


If you take the time to build an alumni network that works for both your organization and alumni, you have begun to foster a relationship that will exceed the length of an individualís employment. This lifelong relationship with your alumni leads to other benefits, including brand advocacy, boomerang employees, and even future sales.

LinkedIn, Tesla, Yelp, and SpaceX were all founded by alumni of PayPal. This makes PayPal a great example of how maintaining a lifelong relationship with alumni can benefit an organization. PayPalís choice to invest in a corporate alumni network has led to them connecting with other powerful and influential organizations.

Brand Ambassadors

Corporate alumni have credibility attached to their alumni status; people will likely listen when they give recommendations. Through this credibility, your alumni can become your most powerful brand ambassadors, so maintaining a favorable relationship is essential. As brand ambassadors, alumni are able to build brand awareness, recruit top talent, and increase future sales.


While corporate alumni can recommend your brand to potential customers, they can also recommend potential hires to you. Maintaining alumni relationships gives you access to potential hires with more rapport than a blind resume. According to Talent Nowís Recruitment Statistics, top candidates stay available for 10 days only before being hired. A personal recommendation may give your organization the upper hand when attempting to recruit top talent.

Boomerang Employees

Corporate alumni that maintain a relationship with your organization may one day decide they would like to return. Boomerang employment bring you individuals that are familiar with your practices and culture. By maintaining a relationship with you, these alumni will be in the know about current company happenings, and they will be able to reacclimate to their new position with ease. Boomerang employees also bring a fresh perspective acquired from their time away. This can produce new knowledge and techniques for your organization.

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