6 Recommended Resources For Your Clients When Providing Outplacement

September 20, 2012

Internet use has become part of our daily routine, and it’s no different when someone finds out they've been laid-off. When someone finds out they've lost their job, she or he undoubtedly turns to the web to view online job listings. Christine De Cock, Director of Career Solutions at Insala with over 20 years of experience in outplacement and career management, shares six recommendations for services that outplacement firms should offer to their clients online during the transition period.

Content that helps deal with the emotions. Talking to someone who has been through the same situation does help. But that person may not be available to give that needed emotional support. Providing real life online testimonials may be your client's next and only alternative. Seeing real individuals that have been laid off, what their first reactions were and how they dealt with them can help them understand, reflect, and deal with their own emotions so they can start focusing on their next career move.

Personality Assessments. Was that the right job for your client? Certain industries and jobs are shrinking. It's always a good time to assist your clients in reflecting on their next career move. Offering personality assessments can be the first step to get them thinking about the future.

Resume/CV Tools. The resume is still popular as ever, amongst other online profiling tools. Because position possibilities can vary for many people, your client may need more than one version of their resume. Having a resume/CV tool that quickly creates different versions of a resume/CV will save your client time, and more importantly, improve their chances at getting that important interview.

LinkedIn. Recruiters and employers all use it. Creating a LinkedIn profile has become everyone's online professional resume. Your client is probably not an expert in using LinkedIn. Provide information on best practices to get them started. Once they have that perfect profile, what next? How does one get those important recruiters and employers to find their profile? Information on how to strategically build their network is essential.

Job Leads. It's probably the most important resource any client asks for. Providing them access to leads without them having to search on hundreds of job boards will save them hours and will keep them busy applying for relevant positions during the transition period. Give them access to job leads that also allow them to track each opportunity. Tracking each stage in the process' initial application, right up to sending that important thank you note, will make them more efficient and employers will see them as proactive.

Up-to-Date Company Research. Your client attends an interview, the first question that is always asked is, “What do you know about our company?” Equip them to impress their interviewers. Offer them company research tools such as Hoovers and Dun and Bradstreet. All the information that they'll need to know about those companies is here and fully up to date.

Insala’s outplacement solution, EmploymentTalk™, offers all this and more to your clients in one single online framework. EmploymentTalk™ features many administration tools to keep track of your outplacement services.

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