6 Ways to Obtain ROI Using Our Outplacement Solution

November 17, 2009
EmploymentTalk™ - the leading online career transition solution, has helped many Outplacement and Career Management Firms cut costs and win new business. How can this easily configurable solution achieve this especially in today's challenging economic climate? Here are just a few examples:
  1. Generate More Sales - Vastly improve sales wins by demonstrating your own online career transition capability within your sales demos.
  2. Reduce Psychometric Assessments Costs - Replace assessments from other providers with EmploymentTalk's battery of 4 psychometric assessments, including Myers-Briggs based CenterMark™.
  3. Diversify Your Service Offerings - Provide custom levels of services, from low-cost online career services to niche high-touch high-tech services.
  4. Increase Your Delivery Capacity - Support large or even more projects by managing many clients and consultants in one centralized database. All stakeholders can log their activities regardless of their location.
  5. Increase Quality Of Time In Client Coaching Sessions - Clients have online access to upload their career experiences and profile that can be shared during coaching sessions, cutting time spent on data gathering and administration.
  6. Cut Administration Work Using Shared Electronic Calendaring - All your online and offline workshops can be easily managed using a shared electronic calendar between clients, career coaches and program managers.

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