Building Women's Career Path Through a Mentor

October 03, 2016
 photo iStock_81804241_MEDIUM_zpsxcnhsd4j.jpg  “We Can Do It!”.

Right about now, you're probably imagining a stoic Rosie the Riveter in her classic cartoon portrait. Years ago this mantra concerned women taking baby steps to break down gender barriers (i.e. voting, being taken seriously as active members of society). However these days, women are a force to be reckoned with. Women are building their career paths and climbing the corporate ladder faster than ever; but that is thanks to fellow dedicated men and women helping these mentees build their career path.

As of December 2015, only 4.2 percent of CEO positions at S&P 500 companies were filled by women, according to a survey on females in leadership by the Huffington Post. As these numbers demonstrate; there is a bit of a skew to these gender roles.We need more women in leadership to help up and coming women build their career paths. Women in executive leadership have an especially vested stake in filling the pipeline with talented up-and-comers; and great mentors have never been so critically needed.

Building Women’s Career Path Through a Mentor

Using a culmination of male and female mentors, women can develop their talents and build their career path more efficiently. Women in executive leadership have an especially vested stake in filling the pipeline with talented up-and-comers. As far as the mentor matching process goes, there will be more men to chose from (statistically speaking)
The male mentor will help the mentee build their career network, and often time have a good understanding of how business runs in the corporation.

The female mentor will guide the woman mentee through the challenges she may face regarding gender barriers, and this is especially important to feel comfortable in their career path.

The Benefits of Mentoring Women to Build Their Career Path

In general, mentoring is an effective way to nurture the talent within your ranks. Mentored employees advance faster, are more productive, and are better accustomed to navigating the company’s culture.
Because women represent more than 46 percent of the labor force in the United States (and that number is climbing), employers who don’t devote resources to women in the workplace are missing a large opportunity to develop their human capital. Women can and do bring unique perspectives to the table, and this diversity is key to healthy business.

Why Mentoring Programs Are Important for Women Mentees

Informal mentorship in the workplace can sometimes be hard for women to tap into, especially with male-dominated work cultures. Women can easily find themselves adrift, trying their best to advance their careers but bereft of integral “inside” knowledge that would empower them to be their most effective.
All of these issues don’t just negatively impact women, but ultimately the company’s bottom line. To counteract this, many companies have instituted formal mentoring programs that either target high potential women specifically, or otherwise minimize bias by establishing mentoring relationships. At least as far back as 2007, over 71% of Fortune 500 companies have instituted formal mentoring programs.

Through a diverse set of mentors throughout a woman’s span at an organization, she can build her career path and help increase the amount of women in charge, breaking down gender bias and helping organizations excel.

Overall; any organization's objective is attracting and flourishing their best talent. If women believe they have a place in that ranking, they will be more inspired to develop their career path through a mentor(s). With time and success, they will be more interested in investing building longevity in the organization and also investing in the success of others. It starts a chain of productive and proactive women within the organization. As the ever shifting business marketplace becomes more competitive in providing opportunities for women to build their career path, many organizations will want to avoid being left behind.

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