Can Mentoring Enable Career Development for Employees?

September 21, 2016
Career development mentoring The relationship between a mentor and mentee is one that spans throughout antiquity and recent history. Zeus was a mentor to Hercules, Athena was the mentor to Telemachus, and even the late Steve Jobs served as a mentor to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. These relationships served as key advancement points for the mentees and allowed them to go on to great things with the help of their wise mentors.

Mentees can gain quite a bit from their mentor. These are skills and proficiencies they will carry with them throughout the rest of their careers. The same could be said of mentors from their mentees. We have seen many organizations turn to mentoring to facilitate career development within their organization. Through technology, all employees can have access to a mentor. This is why itís important to your organization, and all of those involved.

ROI For Your Organization.

Increases Employee Retention -

Why? Employees stay if they see they have a career path and are continuing to develop. Providing an employee with a mentor can help the employee see more clearly a possible career path and help them get there. Employee retention is one of the many benefits that comes out of mentoring.

Enables Career Mobility -

Would you rather a employee changed departments, than losing them altogether? Providing a employee with a mentor from a different department can help them navigate to another department, if they need change altogether.

Improves Employee Engagement -

Employees generally are more passionate about their jobs, are committed to the organization if they see they are progressing in their career. Having a mentor will help them progress and be more driven to take the next step.

How Can A Mentor Help Your Employees?

  1. Share their experiences on how they moved within the organization.
  2. Help develop a skill/competencies needed for the menteeís current or future role.
  3. Open their network that possibly includes influencers within the organization.
  4. Understand the company culture and how to navigate through the politics.
  5. Provide trusted feedback on career situations within the company.

Are there Career Benefits for the Mentor?

The misperception is the mentor is giving to the mentee, so the mentor will not be receiving anything back for their career. This isnít always true, the mentor can also gain from the relationship.
Reverse mentoring - The mentee may be knowledgeable other areas the mentor hasnít experienced. 
Company Knowledge - If the mentee is from a different department or location, the mentor eventually will start to learn more and will become more knowledgeable on how the business is ran
Recognition - Most mentors will be recognized by their leadership team for giving back. This make them more visible in the organization.  
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