Corporate Alumni and the Boomerang Effect

December 28, 2016
If you love something, let it go. And if it comes back to you, then it was meant to be Ö a part of your corporate alumni network.

The idea behind an Alumni Network is simple enough. Employees leave and employers woo them back, or at least keep up with them. But have you ever examined the phenomena that leads us to this consequence? Itís called the Boomerang Effect and here weíll explain how it works below.

Lebron James: An example of your Corporate Alumni.

Imagine that youíre Lebron James. Youíve played for the Cleveland Cavaliers for 6 seasons and you arenít happy with your personal growth. You decide to take your talents to South Beach where you flourish as a player and achieve a pair championships. But now that youíve achieved personal greatness, you want to go home. Four years have passed and your old organization has a new cast. Everything that attracted you to your first organization still does today, so you decide to go home.

Fast forward 2 years and one championship later and itís safe to say Lebron made the right decision. His case is an example of the Boomerang Effect. Corporate Alumni arenít just leaving, theyíre returning. And much like Lebron, they are coming back with valuable experience.

The reasons employees leave are numerous. But thatís not the focus on todayís blog. Itís the reasons why they return that are important. There isnít much research on the phenomena as it hasnít ever been explored or talked about at the level that it is now. Companies are paying attention to their alumni now, more than ever. 

Pay Attention to your All-Stars...even when they leave the team. 

Your organization could have a pre-Miami Heat Lebron, a frustrated star ready to blossom in new surroundings. But that team didnít win any championships together. It wasnít until James left for South Beach and gained championship experience that he was able to return and push his team over the hump.

If youíve got an unfulfilled high-impact employee whoís looking for greener pastures, the best thing to do might be to let them go. They just might find their way back.

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