Corporate Alumni and the ROI of Outplacement

May 09, 2013

The problem with outplacement is that you receive little or no return on investment. It almost seems like a win-lose situation: your former employees receive help moving on from your organization, and you lose both your employee and your investment in outplacement.

It’s time to reconceptualize outplacement services – because the problem with outplacement shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Corporate Alumni ROI

Think of a corporate alumni program as an extension of healthy outplacement services.

When you think of outplacement, you might think of laws and regulations that dictate how exiting employees must legally leave your company, or services such as job boards, career development tools, or resume services. When you think of alumni programs, however, you probably don’t think about organizations and former employees.

And yet, you probably should. Outplacement and corporate alumni programs both focus on ensuring that employees exit your organization prepared to enter the next phase of their careers. Corporate alumni programs simply take outplacement services one step further by providing your former employees with tools that not only help them transition into their first job after exiting your organization, but also continue to succeed in their careers long after.

That’s why it’s so important that your outplacement services work in concert with your alumni program under one philosophy: that your employees are valuable, that your relationships with them are valuable, and that a primary goal of your outplacement and alumni efforts is ensuring that those relationships are life-long.

Corporate Alumni ROI: Boomerang Hires

Keep the company door open – especially for returning “boomerang” hires.

Sometimes, former employees decide to return to their previous organizations in different capacities, or a company may want to re-hire an employee due to an upturn in the marketplace. When this happens, rehired employees enter their new roles already familiar with company culture and practices, which is a profound benefit for your organization in terms of employee engagement and speed-to-productivity. The more interesting questions for employers is how they might rehire their former talent.

The answer, of course, is by keeping former employees engaged with their company. Everyone acknowledges the necessity for employee engagement at a productive company. The trick is in maintaining employee engagement after your employees exit your organization.

Lifelong Employee-to-Alumni Relationships

There’s no such thing as an “ex-employee.”

Never consider your former employees to be “ex-employees.” Your ties to your former employees shouldn’t be severed when they leave your organization. Instead, facilitate and engage those ties and you’ll find myriad productive opportunities, from rehiring boomerang employees to obtaining referrals to discovering new and unleveraged business development opportunities.

In short: Value your relationships with your employees, and treat them as though they will be life-long. With the right philosophy and solution, they will be.

For more information about corporate alumni platforms, please visit All of Insala’s talent management solutions, which include outplacement and corporate alumni SaaS, can be integrated with your existing systems and used together.

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