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November 29, 2012

Are you looking to improve your present outplacement process? Are you an outplacement firm looking to cut costs and increase efficiency in your service delivery? Christine De Cock, Director of Career Solutions at Insala with over 20 years of experience in outplacement and career management, shares six best practices to deliver effective outplacement services that benefit employees going through outplacement, their sponsoring organizations, outplacement firms, and consultants.

Provide an online solution to support your outplacement services. Offer an online portal to accommodate varying users of your outplacement services - line employees, managers, and executives. An online solution gives users the freedom to access company-specific resources and content when they choose. This will broaden and strengthen your organization's outplacement delivery model, satisfy today’s market expectations that online solutions should accompany such services, and position your organization as an innovative employer.

Manage all your user information and service deliverables in a universally accessible location - online. Have one single online framework with all the tools and content accessible online. Allow administrators to log, track, and manage all services that consultants deliver to their users online. This reduces program administration time, increases day-to-day productivity, and enables consultants to work virtually.

Offer users cost-efficient and “green” solutions that meet their needs and economic circumstances. 73% of individuals have access to the Internet and can conduct job searches from home. Eliminate travel time and cost for users so they can access their outplacement solution from home. Offer engaging and relevant content and activities for independent online activity anytime and anywhere. Use webinars and Skype technology for workshops and meetings. Offer clients meaningful face-to-face time and have them network for their end result - landing the best possible job.

Provide the most relevant and up-to-date research and productivity tools from one single location. Ensure users have the best tools within reach. Integrate all networking, company research, resume and correspondence distribution and tracking into a single dashboard view. Be sure to provide specific training to help users get the most from their job search tools. This will enable users to conduct a more meaningful and efficient job search and visually track progress to increase their motivation.

Automate reporting of critical data and success metrics with a robust online reporting tool. With government and public sector opportunities on a steep rise, firms must meet heavy reporting requirements also to quantify and qualify the outplacement program successes. Minimal effort with maximum output means collecting data on all users, consultants, and program activities in a single online portal with a customizable reporting system that pulls the exact data you need. This offers comprehensive, relevant, and accurate reports of program progress and success quickly and efficiently.

Buy, don’t build. Outsource your outplacement technology by engaging with a technology partner that offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) online solutions that are secure, efficient, and cost-effective. Capitalize on the experience of outplacement technology providers and don’t re-invent the wheel - spending costly development funds in-house. Ensure that you are getting a sustainable and scalable delivery model that provides the most up-to-date and innovative technology available.

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