Finding the Perfect Mentor

July 05, 2018
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The mentor and mentee are equally important for the success of a mentoring relationship, but because the mentee is going to see the most benefits, they tend to outnumber the available mentors. This leads to a problem with finding the perfect mentor for every mentee.

With the advances made in mentoring technology, mentor matching has become a seamless process for organizations, but not every  organization is choosing to implement a mentoring program and there are individuals that need to find a mentor on their own. There are a few things these mentees should consider when trying to find the perfect mentor.

Donít Assume Anyone is Too Busy
Donít make assumptions about a personís willingness to be your mentor. All you are doing is talking yourself out of trying to find one. If you are show someone that you are worth the investment, you may will see that they want to spend their time being your mentor because it is just as beneficial for them. In fact, Forbes reported that mentors were six times more likely to have been promoted to a bigger job.

Figure Out What You Bring to the Table
You know yourself better than anyone, so you know exactly what sets you apart from the crowd. Figure out how you can add value to the mentoring relationship and the mentorís experience and then bring that to the table when discussing them being your mentor.

Know Where They Are
You canít find a mentor if you donít know where to look. The industry expert that you are looking for will most likely have a presence on social media, so that is a great place to start your connection.

Identify a Professional Gap
Be specific about your own needs when looking for your mentor. This person should be able to help you fill the gap in your skills that will push you forward in your career journey. Remember, this person isnít going to do it for you, but they need to have the experience and knowledge to help you get there.

Look in Your Existing Network
Possible mentors are closer than you think. Look in your existing network and make a list of people that you think would be willing to participate in a mentoring relationship. Itís better to have someone that is already familiar with your work style, skill level and personality.

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