Hidden Benefits of Your Corporate Alumni Network

April 03, 2019

When considering an alumni network for your organization, you have probably heard about many of the obvious benefits. These can include boomerang employees, alumni ambassadors, and even new clients, but these aren’t the only benefits available to you.

As your former leaders and trailblazers become part of your alumni network, they open the opportunity for hidden benefits that we think are very important for any organization. These benefits include the option to have your hi-potential alumni act as mentors and coaches for your current employees. With the insider knowledge and external experience, we believe that these individuals bring something special to talent development for your organization.

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Alumni as Mentors

We’ve talked about the benefits of knowledge sharing through your alumni network during offboarding, and we’ve talked about knowledge sharing through mentoring, but consider combining the two ideas to use your alumni as mentors for knowledge sharing. If they are engaged within your network, they will be engaged in their role as a mentor.

Alumni are proficient at knowledge sharing with a mentee because they have experience inside and outside of your organization. This familiarity allows for them to mentor with specific advice, while their new experiences enables them to suggest creative solutions.

If your alumni aren’t local, combine this idea with virtual mentoring. That way your alumni can mentor current members of your organization virtually, so distance is not a problem.

Alumni as Leadership Coaches

As with mentoring, your engaged leader alumni are excellent candidates for leadership coaching in your organization. Your former leaders have executive experience in your organization that other corporate coaches do not have. This will make them highly beneficial as corporate coaches.

Alumni leaders know how your organization operates and they match with your company culture. They will be able to draw from their experiences making decisions within your company to advise your current leaders on current decisions. The benefits of leadership coaching like enhanced performance and improved communication can be achieved through alumni leadership coaches.

Individuals that could benefit from alumni coaching include…

  • C-Suite Executives
  • Hiring Managers
  • Frontline Managers
  • Anyone looking for leadership development
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