How Reverse Mentoring Benefits Your Organization

November 14, 2017
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Organizations around the world are embracing a wide variety of modern mentoring models, including reverse mentoring. Reverse mentoring is a program in which the traditional mentoring roles are reversed. Per Dr. David Clutterback, reverse mentoring is most significantly used to address the issue of diversity at its core by educating leaders about how the world looks through other eyes. 

When referring to reverse mentoring, Alan Webber, the co-founder of Fast Company, said “… by the time you’re in your forties and fifties, you’re not in touch with the future the same way the young twenty- something’s are. They come with fresh eyes, open minds, and instant links to the technology of our future.” This quote speaks directly to the purpose of reverse mentoring, which is to help individuals become more familiar with topics such as technology, social media and current trends.

Many organizations wonder how reverse mentoring can be beneficial. Here are 3 ways…

Closing the Knowledge Gap

As new technology and processes are created, older generations become less aware of what the current business trends are. By engaging in reverse mentoring, they are able to gain knowledge on topics that they wouldn’t normally have access to.

Empowering Emerging Leaders

In many instances, a less experienced employee wouldn’t normally be given the opportunity to be a mentor. With reverse mentoring, they can gain confidence in a role that is usually only held by organization leaders. This confidence can empower them to take their own leadership development to the next level.

Bringing Generations Together

Not only are you closing the knowledge gap with reverse mentoring, but you’re also closing the generation gap. As more generations enter the workforce with new ways of thinking, conflict can arise. By having individuals within your organization participate in a reverse mentoring program,


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