How to Obtain Executive Buy-In for Your Mentoring Program

May 02, 2018
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The first step to success for any mentoring program is positioning it as a vital component of organizational growth. Many proponents of mentoring struggle during this early step: company leaders are often skeptical about the need for a mentoring program and how exactly it will benefit the organization.

Buy-in for your mentoring program is more important than you think, but many people wonder why you even need it…

  • Obtaining mentoring resources

    No matter how few mentoring resources you have, you’ll still need sign-off and approval for their allocation. Whether that means administrators, training, technology, or something else, you’ll need buy-in for your mentoring program

  • Funding

    You’ll need executive backing to fund the program in its entirety. Oftentimes, the stakeholders who wish to launch a program don’t realize what a well-tailored program will cost.

  • Executive Advocates

When executives buy-in to the program they can become advocates. This increases the likelihood that individuals will willingly participate as mentors/mentees and truly commit to the program.

So how do you get executive buy-in for your program? Build your business case!

The creation of a clear and logical business case for mentoring will drastically reduce early obstacles to the program.

  • Position your mentoring program as a business strategy and back it up and you’ll have a much greater chance of winning funding and resources than if you present it from literally any other angle.
  • Don’t just think about the individuals benefitting from the program, this is about the benefit of the organization too.
  • Developing your strategy around the objectives keeps the bottom line in focus
  • You must be able to explain how you plan to measure and report on your success to your stakeholders
  • These elements include – role profiles, skill/competency assessments, and mentoring training to your program’s scale and scalability.

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