Seven reasons software will improve your corporate mentoring program

August 17, 2016

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Starting a corporate mentoring program is a big step for any organization.

It is often the first of many in strides to increase retention, flourish and develop the leaders in your talent pool, and secure your succession pipeline. A personalized mentoring program makes all of this possible.

Mentoring software is how you take a startup mentoring program from functioning to performing. [Click to Tweet]There are more than a few reasons to turn to software to improve your mentoring program. We asked our mentoring expert, Stephen Grindrod, for seven reasons on how software would improve your corporate mentoring program.

In what areas does software help improve your corporate mentoring program?

  1. Improved mentor-mentee matches

SG: "The first thing it improves is the success rate of the matching between the mentor and the mentee. This is one of the most crucial steps, because the mentee's needs and criteria must align with the mentor's skills and competencies so that the relationship is fruitful.Ē

Using mentor matching software not only provides the most efficient and accurate match, but takes some slack off the administrator. The administrator doesn't have to assign a pair, and the mentee chooses a mentor; it's a win-win.

  1. Keeps better track of progress.

Mentees can track their progress throughout the use of mentoring technology. They can focus the learning objectives by creating goals, and updating their progress. This helps the pair maintain focus and ensures they are achieving their agreed upon objectives.

  1. Improved accessibility.

Mentees and mentors are able to access documents, agreements, and training material through the online portal at any time. If one party ever has any questions or concerns, they can independently resolve or refresh themselves and move on. The pair may need to revisit the learning agreement to ensure they are staying focused on current objectives. Without technology these documents wouldnít be readily available for both parties. They would have to ask either party for the most recent documents or look for them manually on their desktop/laptop.

  1. Timeliness guaranteed.

Mentoring software can also act as your own personal assistant. The software solution for example, will remind you when the mentor/mentee have a specific time or meeting planned. It will also alert you when objectives are completed. Reminders for specific actions also occur and will help you make sure the mentor and mentee never miss a beat!

  1. Specificity included.

Our mentoring technology allows the mentorships to be set up based on the specific learning criteria of the mentee. [Click to Tweet] For instance, mentees who are high potential candidates for a promotion would more than likely benefit from leadership development, where they are given more responsibility and taught to manage.

  1. Increased ROI.

One advantage technology provides is the ability to measure its results against its costs. Using mentoring software allows the users to generate reports that reflect the ROI of the program. This points to how the program is running, and ensures the stakeholders that their money is being invested soundly.

  1. Transparency encouraged.

Relationships can be monitored to guarantee the mentor is not taking on too many mentees. Based on the mentorís capability and schedule, they can be paired with more than one mentee if they choose. If too many mentees are allocated to the mentor, he or she could become overwhelmed and not be able to cater to the needs of the mentees as fully as an effective mentor should.


So then, what would be some of the risks associated with not using technology?


  • The biggest risk is in the matching process. One potential pitfall is the mentee is not being able to choose their own mentor and the administrator matching the pair manually. The potential of choosing the wrong mentor hinges on their knowledge of both the mentee's needs and the mentors skills. If the relationship starts with them both discovering this isnít going to work, it can quickly devolve from there.
  • Without technology, managing the program as it grows would become an increasing burden. As a program grows,it becomes to administrate without the assistance of technology. Without the technology you'd have to hire more program administrators to run the program manually. The scalability of the program depends solely on the autonomy of management.
  • The difficulty of reporting also increases as programs grow. Mentoring technology allows the process to be automated with information given directly to the program. This information would come from the mentee and the mentor from goals reached and learning agreements. Without these reports the company would have a hard time determining if it's a sound investment when investigating ROI.

It is apparent that using technology to aid the success of your mentoring program is essential. Your organization stands to gain more engaged mentorships with a reduced workload on the participants. This, along with having the ability to more accurately and intricately record the process and it's ROI are aspects that make adding technology to your mentoring program necessary.

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