Talent Analytics and Your Talent Development Programs

February 17, 2017

Data-Driven Talent Development Requires Two Things

When used correctly,  talent development program analytics  help you target problems and/or opportunities, act on them, and measure what the effect of those actions.

Thatís it. Even when you apply it to something as niche as a  talent development program , itís still the same formula.

Your talent development program analytics can be as simple or as robust as you want them to be. However, itís worth reminding ourselves that technology is only as intelligent as what we put into it, and that reports are only useful in terms of how we use them.

There are two parts to that. You must ensure that:
  1. Correct data gets put into your technology for you to measure and use.
  2. Youíre using the technology in a way that gives you meaningful and usable information. 

talent analytics and Talent development programs

Talent Development Program Analytics: No-Fear Data Capture

The good news for you is that thereís been a revolution in obtaining and entering employee data in the last several years. Employees now have the ability to enter their own accurate data instead of hiring a bunch of data entry people from hard copies with probable errors.

The battle is getting employees to keep that data up to date. If you're not fighting on that front already, start now.

While you canít force them keep their data accurate, you can incentivize them. Make sure they get something out of giving you their data. Just determine which information is critical for you and determine in context how you can incentivize them to give you that data, or confirm it, on a regular basis.

If youíre integrating with other functions Ė for example, a  corporate alumni program , a CRM, etc. Ė consider also what information is critical for them.

Keep It Simple

I know what youíre thinking: you donít have the time, skill, or data scientists to pick through and analyze all this data.

Donít worry: you donít need special training. It all comes down to how you plan - and to a lesser degree, what tools you have.

Just remember that simpler is always better. Set your objectives, pick your metrics, and then donít stray from them. You wonít just do a dump of all the data entered into your software. At the beginning of your talent development program, youíll set your objective(s), and then your success measurements. From there, you should know exactly which data points you need to be measuring. 

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