The New and Improved Internet Explorer 7.0 - Part 2

October 13, 2007
In the ever-changing world of Information Technology, we must expect to change with it and hopefully realize the benefits the latest and greatest has to offer. Microsoft's Internet Explorer (IE) 7.0 browser application is the newest program to introduce significant changes that transform the user experience. With many new features already integrated into competing browsers, this upgrade is considered, by some, to be a late arrival. Many of the changes are subtle, whereas others significantly alter how an individual browses the Internet. The major modifications are highly visible and one can become familiar with them immediately. Other improvements, such as the security enhancements, may not be as visible, but are indeed noteworthy. This is part two of a two-part series outlining the more significant features, which enable you to make the most of this critical upgrade.

Phishing Filter

For those who may not know, "Phishing" is a scam. It is usually initiated by e-mail and may cause the user to go to a fraudulent web site that looks similar to a legitimate site. The intention being to either defraud the user or identity theft. For example, I once received an e-mail telling me that my PayPal account was expiring and that I needed to renew my password. A link lead to a web site, which asked me to log in. It looked just like the real PayPal site, but the address was actually This was a phishing attempt. Had I entered my username and password, the fraudulent site would now possess my credentials and have access to my real account.

The IE 7.0's Anti-Phishing filter compares the address you are going to against a list of well known web sites, to see if they look similar. If they do, you will receive a warning. In the case above, the web site for Paypal is not The IE 7.0 Anti-Phishing filter would have warned me.

RSS Feeds

With IE 7.0, web sites can be designed so that when you go to a page containing an RSS feed, a button at the top will light up and you can subscribe to that feed from there. Once you subscribe, the feed is added to your favorites under the RSS heading. This allows you to visit the feed at anytime, directly from your favorites. Right-Clicking on a feed and clicking on properties allows you to adjust settings for the feed.

Whether you are a novice or an advanced power user, I'm confident you will find the entire browser experience has been measurably improved.

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