The Hidden Job Market in Your Corporate Alumni Part II

January 27, 2017
In a time when the majority of career opportunities are not announced on jobs boards and sites, there is a way to pierce through the uncertainty that is inherent in a job search.  Corporate Alumni Networks , when used properly, can export a portion of the knowledge floating around  the hidden job market.  

The last time we wrote on this subject, we covered the basics on  what the hidden job market is, and what role alumni networks play in exploiting that market. Now weíre covering the specific ways that one can leverage the power of an alumni based corporate social network with regards to the hidden job market, much like the solutions we offer at  Insala

Manage your connections.

If youíve worked somewhere, gone to school anywhere or been a part of an organization then you are a member of an alumni base[ Tweet This]. Determining how large that base is and who you can connect with are key to exploring the hidden job market. Connections at multiple organizations are also helpful, depending on the strength of that connection. By far, the easiest kind of alumni network to participate in are those that are specific and that use current technology and staff to maintain the community. This shows a commitment to the process that will allow you to best use the resources this organization and its members have to offer. 

Stay engaged with company info.

Examine some of the purpose behind an alumni network. The benefit for the company is they are able to keep in touch with their former employees while disseminating vital information. Itís an exchange of sorts. The benefit for those searching through the waters of the hidden job market is the access to company knowledge, like job postings. Employers are looking back through their previous ranks as dormant talent with alumni seen as potential rehires. 

Communicate with others on the portal.

By maintaining active membership, users are already leveraging their connections within their alumni network. To take it a step further, alumni should be posting on the public boards and congratulating others on milestones achieved. At its core a social network is a large discourse community of people with one shared commonality or other. Contributions come in the form of communication, whether it be general or specified. By being a visible member of the community, job-searchers can ensure their name will resonate with those who are also active. This could lead to career development when itís time to start considering applications. 

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