The Importance of Content Curation for Your Alumni Network

February 08, 2018
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Getting fresh ideas for the content that you are providing to your Alumni Network can often seem challenging and with the already demanding schedules of trainers and alumni administrators, there may simply not be enough time. It’s important to use the content you are providing to keep your alumni engaged and really differentiate yourself from other organizations that your alumni may be associated with. So how do you keep the content flowing? Content curation may be the answer.

What is Content Curation?

In simple terms, the process of content curation is the act of sorting through large amounts of content on the web and presenting the best posts in a meaningful and organized way. The process can include sifting, sorting, arranging, and placing found content into specific themes, and then publishing that information.

What Type of Content Should you Curate?

  • When you determine your target audience, you will find the type of content that you should be looking for. For instance, if you know that career development is important to your alumni, then that is the type of content that you should be presenting to them.
  • You will have access to a wide range of available content. Be sure that you are delivering valuable, reliable content that your alumni will want to receive. Assuring that the content is reliable is extremely important.
  • Your alumni will appreciate more diverse content. Providing them with this fresh content keeps them coming back for more, therefore they are more engaged, and alumni engagement is key. So, don’t fixate on one topic.
Why Do You Need Content Curation?

We asked our Consultant for Learning and Development, Matthew Heilman, to help us answer the question of why you need content curation and he had some great insight. Matthew says, “Content is why people are coming to your portal. Good content, whether it is in the form of a blog post or social media update, encourages users to engage with the brand, whether they realize it or not. If the content is genuinely good, users will pause to consume the content and understand the brand message.”

Here a few more reasons you need to consider content curation for your alumni network…
  • Presenting valuable content to your alumni will position your organization as an industry expert. Don’t let them forget why they became involved with you in the first place.
  • The additional content can help to further build your brand. Continuing to build your brand with your alumni is going to help boost the amount of brand advocacy that they are providing for your organization.
  • We’ve said it before and I’m sure we will say it again- engaging your alumni is very important. By being able to provide them with more content, you are continuing to engage them. This will give you more of a chance to reap the benefits of having an alumni network for your organization.

If you are interested in implementing an alumni network for your organization, contact us today. 

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