Importance of Offboarding for your Alumni Network

February 16, 2018
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Organizations put a lot of time and money into hiring and training an employee, so when they leave, it is usually seen as a bad thing. Luckily, many organizations are starting to figure out how to continue to benefit from their previous employees through implementing an alumni network.

We’ve mentioned before how you should start talking about your alumni network during the onboarding process to help raise employee awareness and increase the likelihood of maintaining a relationship with employees who are leaving, but offboarding can be just as important.

Here are a few things to remember when offboarding your employees so that you can transition them to your alumni network.

Having a Good Offboarding Experience is Essential to Future Boomerangs

Your alumni network is a great place to rehire employees (boomerangs) to your workforce, but that is hard to do if they did not have a good offboarding experience. Successful offboarding leads to alumni that are engaged and have a more positive mentality about rejoining your organization.

Offboarding is More Than Collecting Keys

Offboarding should be a planned process, not simply an afterthought. This is the last chance that you have to really impact the individual in a positive way, so having an offboarding experience in place will increase the likelihood that they will join your alumni network and remain an asset to your organization.

Offboarding Can Lead to Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing can happen in two ways when you engage with an individual through offboarding.

  1. When employees choose to leave an organization, many managers are left with the question- why. By embracing offboarding and providing a positive experience for the exiting employee, you have a better chance of getting that question answered. Individuals are more willing to be open and honest about their reason for leaving when they don’t feel like there is a negative view of their exit.
  2. Knowledge sharing is one of the greatest benefits of an alumni network. Not only can you learn about other organizations through your alumni, but you may be able to retain some of the knowledge your alumni are taking with them from your organization.

If you are interested in implementing an alumni network for your organization, please contact us or request a demo today. 

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