When to Use Mentoring Software in Your Organization

July 20, 2016

Mentoring Technology

Every organization has to leave the startup garage and blossom into something more lucrative at some point, success willing . There comes a point where you need to have everyone in your organization ready for growth and the leadership roles that naturally follow. How will you ensure a sound succession plan? How can you strengthen and develop the talent you possess within your organization?

The answer is to ensure the torch will be carried by those willing and able to do so. A well tailored mentoring program is the first step in achieving this level of preparation.

How does a well tailored mentoring software affect your organization’s ROI?

When speaking to a prospective client, the issue of return on investment (ROI) often comes up. What people generally are asking is:  ”What do you have to justify that mentoring is a wise business investment so that I can present this to the stakeholders?"

One factor to consider is how much you are willing to spend on said program. Based on the size of your organization you may consider a cheaper option that will get the ball rolling, or you could invest in  a more robust technology solution that will offer more features for your organization. Below are some of the advantages to taking the deluxe route, that you may have not thought about in the long-term.

Features such as:

  • Security of your data  (making sure no information is accessible to anyone who should be viewing it). You want to make sure any sensitive data is 100% secure. If not this could result in a negative situation for your program and impact your IT security team.
  • A support team on standby for any questions or concerns and continuous account management. If a program administrator doesn’t get the support they need from a team of experts, this could result in a bad experience for end users and impact the success of the program
  • Scalability of the software to allowing you to easily create more mentoring programs in the future.
  • Set up different mentor matching algorithms for different programs in an algorithm that will help ensure more efficient matches based on needs.

The advantages of using a professional mentoring software in regards to a higher ROI include:

  • Better quality mentor and mentee matches allow more successful pairings that allow faster and more efficient growth in the mentoring relationship
  • A better focus on objective criteria ensures mentors and mentees are developing the skills they need which increases employee retention, profitability and camaraderie. This in turn strengthens your succession pipeline.
  • Mentoring aids in leadership development which allows leaders to be developed from within the organization to ensure your business will thrive when the reigns are handed down to newly developed leadership candidates.

All of these benefits factor into the success of the software and the financial gain the organization will see from the program.

When does a company decide they are ready for a mentoring software

When a company decides it is time to invest in a personalized mentoring software solution, there are a few key elements to consider and preliminary steps to consider.

  1. Consider the size of the program Insala recommends having at least 60 (30 mentors 30 mentees) candidates that could benefit from using mentoring software
  2. The business need for mentoring needs to be clearly agreed and agree how mentoring will assist in these objectives.
  3. It  may be a good idea to have a “practice program” in place. Start a mentoring program without software, if the number of estimated participants are going to be small. Instead focus on the mentoring process and create a plan that includes a good communication campaign, training for both mentors and mentees then gather feedback, so when you move to implementing software you have already a lot of the elements in place.,

How can you use mentoring software to augment your previous existing mentoring program?

As mentioned above, it’s always a good idea to have a “practice mentoring program” run to see how the response will be in the organization. Once it is proven to be effective and the stakeholders agree to upgrade to a professional mentoring program software; then it is a great time to move forward.

Insala’s mentoring software will take your previously existing program to bigger and better places. Insala is able to fully customize a mentoring solution based on your organization's objectives and criteria.

Based on the existing practice program, you will need to see what needs to be improved upon, and that is where Insala come in. Our professional mentoring software will digitize the mentor matching process, storing and migrating any existing information or matches you have between the mentors and mentees. This will ensure you did not waste any time starting from scratch.

Here at Insala, we graduate your mentoring program into a successful, easily manageable solution. Whether it be leadership development, help with talent development, or using mentoring software, we will ensure a successful digital strategy for your organization. Visit Insala today for more information on using mentoring software, or to schedule a demo today.


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