Who does Alumni Software Benefit?

September 29, 2017
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When an employee leaves, most organizations have an “out of sight, out of mind” approach. They believe that because a good employee chooses to leave that they are no longer a concern. But should these organizations rethink their approach to past employees?

Alumni Software gives organizations the opportunity to stay connected with former employees by developing a successful Corporate Alumni Program. This software takes the needs of the alumni, program managers, and the organization into consideration. Here a few of the features and benefits Alumni Software provides…

For Alumni

  • Social Networking Tools: Professional profiles are easily built for alumni to view in a secure environment. This software integrates with all major social networking sites to receive updates from alumni communities and interest groups.
  • Career Advancement Tools: For each participant, the alumni software gives them the ability to take career assessments, develop and maintain professional resumes, and access career advice and job opportunities.
  • Event Registration and Information: Alumni can register for any events posted by the organizations that they are associated with. 

For Program Managers

  • View Profiles and Track Activity: This software allows you to view dashboard reports on alumni usage, registrations, and content access, access profile data, and ad-hoc reports for your internal teams to use.
  • Communicate and Engage: You can easily communicate with alumni by sending emails and automatic notifications.
  • Manage Content: It’s easy assign content managers to regulate the writing and approval of content by using the software’s built-in content management system.

For Organization

  • Complete Security: Rest easy with completely secure single sign on integrate for current employees.
  • Variety of Languages: Creating a global alumni program is made easy by the program being available in multiple languages.
  • Branding and Interface Configuration: Your organization can upload your brand to Insala’s user-friendly interface and customize the appearance of the software for your company.


These benefits are what make Insala’s Alumni Software a successful solution to keeping track of your alumni. To learn more information about implementing an Alumni Program for your organization, visit our website.

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