Why Invest in a Corporate Alumni Program

February 20, 2017
“Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A trusted referral is the Holy Grail of advertising.” 

These are the words that Mark Zuckerberg told an excited, but skeptical crowd the day he launched Facebook ads. Years later, Mr. Zuckerberg sits atop the 6th most valuable company in America. I’d say his bet paid off.

By leveraging the power of personal connection, Mr. Zuckerberg unknowingly laid the groundwork for our point today. Former employees are alumni of your organization. But they are also sources latent intellectual property. Here are a three reasons to invest in those properties.

Enhances Company Culture:

Do you know what an alumni network says to new hires from day one? This organization cares. Company culture extends beyond softball games, happy hours and passive mantras. It is showing the relationship between the company and its members. Any company that is willing to put capital behind its past and present employees is dedicated to enriching people. That’s the kind of place most people want to work for.

Return on Investment:

When it comes down to cents and dollars, the amount that an organization would pay for meeting with influencers and marketers could be mitigated with the help of an established Corporate Alumni Network. Every participant is there for a reason, making them an enthused brand ambassador. Consider each participant in your network, a member of your corporate street team, spreading the word throughout their industries. This leads to the next point.

Boosts Company Profile.

As it becomes known that your organization cares for its employees better talent will be attracted. While your company culture deals with a host organizations inner dealings with employees and clients, company profile refers to the company’s image through the lens of an analyst or prospective employee or client. The quickest way to make analysts think your organization takes care of its employees is to take care of your employees. Welcome to your first stop in that endeavor.

If these weren’t enough reasons for you, we’ve got further reading as to the benefits an alumni network can have and how retirees can provide expertise to your business plan.

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