Why Invest in Mentor and Mentee Training?

February 22, 2018
 photo iStock_84975781_MEDIUM_zpsnkhk1ypt.jpgThe mentoring relationship can sometimes seem like the easiest part of a mentoring program. Everyone talks a lot about the planning, processes, and execution that goes into a mentoring program, but we believe that sometimes they forget that the real success is dependent on whether these mentoring relationships work. Sure, you can set up an amazing program with the best mentoring software, but if your mentor and mentee don’t know what’s going on, how can they truly develop?

Investing in mentor and mentee training should be a significant part of your mentoring plan. But why? Here are a few reasons that we believe training is a great investment…

  • Adequate training is important before beginning any new program
  • Mentoring is a unique relationship that involves a lot of important responsibilities
  • Training ensures that the mentor and mentee get the most out of their time together
  • Training provides advice on helping develop a relationship
  • Effective training will address the needs of your workforce
  • The best quality of the mentoring partnership can be ensured
  • Training helps promote commitment between the mentor and mentee

Keep in mind that the information you provide in your mentor and mentee training will affect the “why”. Some key information that should be shared in the training includes role definition, a breakdown of the mentoring process, the phases of the relationship, and general tips/advice. This information is going to increase the likelihood that the mentoring relationships will be successful and therefore, the mentoring program will be more successful.

If you are interested in implementing a mentoring program for your organization, please contact us or request a demo today. 

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