Winning the War for Talent with Alumni Engagement

August 20, 2015

Hiring managers today continue to face major challenges when it comes to filling open positions. CIO reported recently that almost 70% of technology executives believe there is a shortage in both the quality and quantity of skilled technology workers available.

Success in this war hinges on two goals: finding the right candidates and minimizing the amount of time and money that goes into the search. With an alumni program that successfully engages former employees, your company can achieve both of these goals.

Alumni Engagement's Role in the Talent War

There are three reasons that alumni engagement benefits a company in their search for the right talent:

  •   It saves time and money. By posting a job to an alumni portal, for example, a company doesn't need to spend the time or money required to put an opening on an Internet job board.
  •   It leads to better-qualified talent. Alumni of a company already have an understanding of how the business works and what the company's culture is. They have already shown that they have the skills needed to make a positive contribution to the organization.
  •   It improves company culture. A company that keeps an "open door" policy and works to build better relationships with alumni shows that they are truly invested in engaging with their employees, even after they leave. This type of culture resonates with talent in the workforce and can help attract the right candidates to a job opening.

Knowing why alumni engagement is beneficial in the war for talent is only half of the solution. The other half is successfully engaging the right former employees.

Alumni Engagement Best Practices

To help your organization win the talent war, you must focus your alumni engagement on identifying high-potential candidates. These are people who have proven success, or have displayed a particular set of skills that are needed for a current vacancy.

Three of the best methods for engaging high-potential alumni are:

  •   Start early. It's always best to begin a relationship with a high-potential alumnus before they actually leave the company. Your organization should have a platform in place to identify and connect with employees who make significant contributions to the business. This way, you can maintain communication and continue the relationship even if they decide to move on.
  •   Make sure they know they are high potential. Retail stores, credit card companies, casinos and airlines use this tactic frequently to improve customer satisfaction through exclusive clubs and bonuses. In the case of a corporate alumni program, this strategy could be as simple as creating a newsletter only for high-potential alumni. Insala's alumni software allows users to segment their alumni population and send targeted messages to each group.
  •   Display genuine interest. You must have an interest in your alumni beyond attempting to rehire them. It's a good idea to stay in touch with people who leave the company. Both personal outreach in the form of an email or phone call and more formal invitations to company events and alumni communities are important for engaging with your alumni.

Insala's alumni software makes it easy to use your current HR platforms to establish relationships with your high-performing employees and maintain them after they leave. Keeping alumni engagement high opens the door for rehiring, which lowers recruiting costs and improves the culture fit of new team members.

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