Coaching management software - What features do you really need?  


You probably know that an expertly planned and professionally managed coaching program has a high rate of success. What you might not know is what is needed to manage that program effectively.   

A decent percentage of the workforce is working remotely. In fact, an increase of over 57% in online coaching has occurred since COVID. With that number in mind, managing a virtual coaching program can seem like an even more daunting task than it was in the office.    

As coaching programs are a large investment, it is best to cover all your bases when managing a coaching program. Ensure your organization's investment is reaching its maximum potential by using a software solution that helps you keep participants engaged and tracks the metrics that matter most. 

What metrics are important for coaching program management?  

So how do you know if your coaching program is making the greatest impact it can make? One may argue that ROI might be the best metric to look at to measure the success of a coaching program. 

However, Anthony Grant from the University of Sydney explains that finance-based metrics miss the mark when it comes to determining program success. He suggests more comprehensive and meaningful metrics are best used to measure the success of a coaching program: the well-being of the participant and the level of engagement.   


measure effectiveness of coaching program  


We recommend developing a clear plan for ongoing measurement of program performance when planning for your program. A comprehensive coaching management software solution can help you track all of the aspects of your coaching program. Here are some features that improve the experience for coaching program administrators.   

 Coaching Management Software Features You Need   

  • Easy Intake Process – Not everyone needs a coach to improve their performance. Having an intake process should highlight employees that will be suitable for coaching.
  • Process Integration - Enforce your coaching program’s guidelines in your organization by easily uploading your approved coaching process.   

  • Coach Matching – It is critical your coachees are matched with the right coach. Admins can match coachees with the most qualified coaches. This helps coaching in an organization to be more successful while reducing admin time.   

  • Trackable Progress – With a tracking feature, keep up with interactions between
    matches and see how well they are performing to meet the coachees milestones.   

  • Coach Profiles – Coaches need to market their experience and brand themselves, allowing employees/coachees to view their profiles and learn.   

  • Coaching Deliverables – Each coaching relationship needs to have a set of deliverables based on your coaching process. Coaches can check off what they have completed and what they have agreed to regarding a coaching regimen.   

  • Feedback Surveys – Surveying key stakeholders at the beginning, mid-point and end will allow to find out if your coaches are making a difference to your employee’s development.    

  • Reports - With built in ad hoc reporting and the ability to download those reports, sharing and analyzing the data of coaching interactions are made simple. A metrics dashboard can help you see how each coaching relationship is performing.   

All of these features are available within Insala’s coaching software. We provide the tools necessary to measure coaching participant engagement and well-being, improving the likelihood of coaching program success and streamlining program management. Book a meeting to talk to our coaching experts about how Insala can help you achieve your program goals. 

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