Insala, Evolution OD and Learning through Doing to launch dynamic new platform to deliver real-time sharing of healthcare knowledge

Insala, provider of the most comprehensive suite of cloud-based solutions supporting the employee career lifecycle, is proud to announce that it is launching a new ground-breaking platform to facilitate interaction and learning on the COVID-19 global pandemic, its short-term and long-term implications. Working in partnership with Evolution OD and Learning through doing, the user-driven platform will offer a secure place for healthcare workers across the world's health systems to exchange, validate and harvest real-time collective ideas and emerging intelligence.  

Insala, a company based on working with large enterprise clients to setup and run global mentoring, coaching and other career development initiatives in support of organisational objectives, has turned their expertise of knowledge sharing platforms to meet the ever evolving need for frontline healthcare workers to have a global system for rapid knowledge sharing.

The planned 'Healthworkers Co-learning Hub' will allow users to network, share and review relevant content and guidance at the point of need, allowing for maximum clinical effectiveness in a fast-changing environment. Practical information about protection, reflections on mistakes made and lessons learned, clinical papers on treatment alternatives will help healthcare workers to become increasingly effective in their work. Explorations of the underlying physical and societal causes and disruptions that bred the virus, together with discontinuous ideas, ideals, technologies, policies and micro-innovations will help to reshape health, resilience and generative public health practice in the post-pandemic recovery and renewal period. The decentralised platform is free with no commercial or political intent. It is hoped that the sharing of knowledge through one-on-one conversations and mentoring, interest groups, global community discussions and small case clinics will assist healthcare workers in becoming increasingly effective. The platform will also allow them to circumvent potential, national-level restrictions and delays in the application of new treatment techniques – which could go on to save lives.

The hub will be accessible to all healthcare workers using an internet browser enabled mobile or other device. An initial version shall be available for users to access at URL from the beginning of May.

Quote from Phillip C. Roark:

"It has bothered me that the conversation in recent weeks has not shifted far enough from politics, the economy and an exit plan and onto considering those members of our society who are doing the most and - in many cases - making the ultimate sacrifice, to bring us through this pandemic. Supporting Front Line health workers with our portal felt like a small yet quickly achievable way of showing our gratitude and allowing our expertise and experience to aid clinical knowledge sharing in whatever way possible."

Quote from Evolution OD & Learning through doing: 

"It also feels vitally important that healthcare workers around the world do not find themselves in danger again as they have in the face of COVID-19. A platform which is accessible to all and allows the free, open sharing of what we are learning from the current pandemic, new ideas and innovations to help us all become healthier and more resilient seemed like a useful response to our shared challenges and fears. We are very happy to make this platform available."


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