Employees sharing their knowledge and findings with their employees and mentors

Enable Knowledge Sharing Through Mentoring Programs

Knowledge sharing is defined as an activity through which knowledge is exchanged through people. This knowledge centers around information, skills, and even expertise. Many organizations are starting to realize that they can gain many benefits when they promote knowledge sharing.

These benefits include…

  • Supporting learning as it happens
  • Filling the knowledge gaps
  • Increasing efficiency
  • Promoting innovation
  • Encouraging leadership

While these benefits are more than enough reason to promote knowledge sharing, some organizations struggle with how to implement a program for knowledge sharing.

Partnerships are the best way to increase knowledge sharing within an organization. By choosing to provide a mentoring program that focuses on sharing knowledge, you can follow the following process to set your organization up for success.



  • Agree on business objectives
  • Define success
  • Define categories of knowledge needed and search criteria
  • Requirements to be part of the network


  • Purchase solution that easily connects people
  • Create a marketing plan that promotes the knowledge sharing network.
  • Launch knowledge sharing network using marketing plan


  • Measure success with reports and feedback surveys.
  • Make changes, based on feedback. Does profile searching meet the needs of knowledge sharing?


  • Continue to recruit employees using success stories and monthly emails
  • Monthly reports and continuous feedback


If you are interested in increasing the amount of knowledge being shared throughout your organization and implementing a mentoring program, please contact us today. 

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