Coworkers discussing the importance of diversity and it succession pipeline

Reasons Diversity is Important for the Workplace

We live in a world that is constantly changing - where minorities are becoming majorities - and from 1998 to 2008 a growth of 41 percent of employees were non-white . Aside from laws encouraging diversity in the workforce, the benefits of diversity alone would interest any organization seeking profits and growth.

But why?

Better Business

Numbers don't lie and for organizations with high turnovers you may want to take a look at the demographics. Most HR studies show that organizations who hired diverse people typically retain their employees. That translates to more time spent on tasks rather than getting stuck in a cycle of replacement and training. For organizations with younger employees, diversity is typically valued and expected.

Better Quality

Diversity also produces new, innovative perspectives from people with varied cultures and backgrounds. This heterogeneity of perspectives is essential because most customers are from a spectrum of diverse groups - having employees who mirror and understand these customers enable better solutions and an expanded strategic perspective. In addition, having a larger group of applicants opens more possibilities of unique skills and ideas. It's a double win - hiring qualified, diverse employees helps the overall staff and the organization's growth.

Better Process

The world is changing - rapidly – and so must HR. Cross-cultural thinking and adaptability is key for success. The first step is for organizations to hire based off quality.

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