Insala Giving

As good corporate citizens, the people of Insala are actively involved in professional groups, business associations, and philanthropic organizations. Our community involvements are focused on improving the lives of the people in the communities where we live and work, through both volunteer work and corporate donations.

AIDS Arms, Inc

AIDS Arms, Inc.

Offering hope, compassion, and care for those living with HIV/AIDS, AIDS Arms, Inc. assists men, women, and children to access resources necessary to meet the challenges of living with HIV/AIDS through case management in coordination with other service providers.

  • Phillip Roark, CEO of Insala, is on the Advisory Board of AIDS Arms and has served four years on the Board of Directors as Chair of the People and Operations Committee.

  • Matt Adams, CAO of Insala, is on the Board of Directors for AIDS Arms and chairs their People and Operations Committee, which oversees the personnel, policies, and procedures of AIDS Arms.

  • Doug Maxwell, CTO of Insala, serves on the steering committee for LifeWalk. LikeWalk is AIDS Arms' annual 5K walk and run fundraiser to support HIV/AIDS programs and services in Dallas. LifeWalk is the largest fundraising event for AIDS in Dallas.

  • The employees of Insala have donated over 100 toys and gifts to AIDS Arms' annual Angel Tree Christmas drive.

  • Team Insala raised over $3,600 as part of its 2004 AIDS Arms LifeWalk fundraising efforts. Team members, business colleagues, friends, and family have all joined this great cause. On September 25th, 2004, the team hosted the first annual Oktoberfest social benefitting LifeWalk, where participants enjoyed an evening of food, beverage, music, and games.

Ethiopian Eduction Foundation

Ethiopian Education Foundation

Insala is proud to be associated with the Ethiopian Education Foundation (EEF). EEF is an organization that works to provide promising underprivileged students in Ethiopia a quality education, as education is key to Ethiopia's continued development. EEF, with the help of corporate associates such as Insala, seeks to help young Ethiopians achieve their potential and work toward better lives for themselves and their families.

Rhys Daniels Trust

Rhys Daniels Trust

The aim of the Rhys Daniels Trust is to provide "Home from Home" accommodations in support of families whose children are receiving life-saving treatment at major children's hospitals across the UK.