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Service-Based Partnerships

Part of our unique service is the way we partner with you to develop a strategy specific to the needs and objectives of your corporate alumni program. We don't just provide traditional help desk service; we consult with you and share our own best practices.

Our consulting model is a result of our proven process, and informed in large part by our experience with implementing and migrating other corporate alumni programs. We recognize that every organization's plan and program must be different. The Insala Consulting Model below is simply a high-level roadmap of the implementation journey.



February 13, 2020

Managing Your Corporate Alumni Network

The U.S. economy is booming with an unemployment rate of 3.5%, the lowest it has been in 5 decades. This low rate has led to more job openings than there are people to fill them. With the job surplus, employees can leave a job knowing that there are others available to them. In 2019, it was reported... More

January 24, 2020

How to Utilize Alumni to Grow Your Professional Service Firm

Professional service firms have become an essential piece of the puzzle for many successful businesses around the world.Organizations have found that it is easier and more cost effective to utilize the unique services that your firm provides. Outsourcing specific projects allows them to preserve emp... More

January 17, 2020

The Value of Alumni Networks for the Legal Industry

The legal industry is continuously growing illustrated by the growth in demand for legal services, which has steadily increased over the last 3 years. This is leading to the creation of new legal jobs. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that between 2018 and 2028, there will be a total of 45... More

November 01, 2019

How to Build a Corporate Alumni Network

Did you know that globally successful companies like Uber and Yelp were created from an informal version of Corporate Alumni Networks? Lucrative connections like these may be in your group of previous employees without you even knowing it. Turning what used to be goodbye into lifelong relationships ... More

August 20, 2019

The Rise of Corporate Alumni Programs in Organizations

What do LinkedIn, YouTube, Yelp and Tesla have in common? These top ranking businesses are examples of innovation and massive financial success formed from an alumni network. All of them were founded by the alumni of a single company: PayPal. The ďPayPal MafiaĒ, as they have been called, are the go... More

July 16, 2019

Including Your Corporate Alumni in Employee Development

Corporate alumni networks mimic university alumni networks by retaining relationships with former employees. You may be wondering why an organization would do that? The answer is simple. Those former employees can still bring benefits, especially when they are included in employee development. The... More

May 17, 2019

Finding Return on Relationship in Corporate Alumni Networks

Iím sure you know what return on investment is and that itís very important in business, but did you know that return on relationship, or ROR, is also important? We did a poll during our webinar Discovering the ROI of Corporate Alumni Networks and found out that 67% of the participants had never hea... More

April 10, 2019

Reasons Your Corporate Alumni Need Alumni Software

Alumni networks have become a hot topic as individuals are no longer staying with an organization for life. Implementing an alumni network is giving organizations that opportunity to maintain lifelong relationships with these former employees and reap the many benefits associated with doing so. As a... More

February 20, 2019

How to Increase Engagement of Your Alumni Network

Investing in a corporate alumni program brings many benefits to an organization. These benefits can include alumni acting as brand ambassadors, candidates for new and returning employment, and potential sales opportunities. To receive these benefits, your alumni network, participants must be engaged... More

September 29, 2018

Benefits of Knowledge Sharing Through Your Corporate Alumni Network

As youíve read in previous articles, mentoring is a great knowledge sharing source for your employees, but so is your corporate alumni network. There are many benefits to keeping an actively connected alumni network, such as gaining access to more skilled workers and raising brand awareness. However... More

February 26, 2018

Benefits of Hiring from Your Corporate Alumni Network

One of the great benefits of implementing an alumni network for your organization is the increased possibility of re-hiring employees. These re-hires, also called boomerang employees, may have left your organization, but because they chose to be part of your alumni network, they are usually still v... More

December 06, 2017

4 Tips for a Successful Corporate Alumni Program

Itís safe for us to assume that you arenít just looking to implement a Corporate Alumni Program for your organization and hope that it does well. We know that simply having a program isnít enough because what you really want is for it to be successful. Implementing a Corporate Alumni Program can b... More

October 20, 2017

4 Reasons Your Organization Should Invest in an Alumni Network

Having a life-long job is becoming a thing of the past. People are becoming more conscious of their career development needs and moving to new organizations that they feel will help them move forward on their career path. While many organizations are seeing more employees leaving, itís important th... More

October 16, 2017

6 Tips for Increasing Your Corporate Alumni Engagement

With the success of several well-known boomerangs, former employees that are rehired by an organization, and the use of social media networks like LinkedIn, corporate alumni programs are becoming more popular every year. But just because your organization has an alumni network doesnít mean that it ... More

January 24, 2017

Effective Alumni Networking for a Job Search

Looking to change careers, but all youíve got is an alumni contact list full of people in your current industry? If youíre going to look for a job within your corporate alumni network , itís best to approach the right people . If you share an alumni at ABC incorporated, then you should target y... More

May 20, 2016

Alumni Relations for the Financial Services Sector

The end of an employeeís tenure at a company doesnít always mean the end of that firmís relationship with said employee. Alumni programs make it possible to keep a mutually beneficial relationship going on after the cord has been cut. Due to the specific skills needed to thrive in the Financial S... More

September 21, 2015

Corporate Alumni Management Best Practices

Many companies that understand the benefits of alumni programs are past the planning and implementation phase: they are focusing on developing their program to engage with their alumni. To achieve high levels of engagement with corporate alumni, it is necessary to integrate the alumni management sol... More

March 04, 2015

When High Potential (Hi-Po) Employees Leave

By Phillip Roark, CEO of Insala High Potential Employees Don't Stop Being High Potential When They Leave When a high potential employee decides to leave your firm, they donít stop being high potential. Increasingly, leading firms are recognizing that an employee leaving an organization shouldnít nec... More