Diversity is a relational concept. It shows up in the composition of teams and organizations, and it is measured based on a collective whole.
Sarah Saska, Co-founder and CEO of Feminuity

About this Webinar Series

Nearly 80% of employees state that they want to work for an organization that values diversity, equity and inclusion.

Diversity and inclusion initiatives do not look the same at every organization. However, there is one thing that we know will work to take any D&I program to the next level: Mentoring.

Launching a mentoring program to support your D&I initiative sends a bold signal of the importance of diversity and inclusion at your organization. Having a solid plan in place along with the right tools, like mentoring software, to effectively manage and measure the program will help your team understand the impact of the mentoring program on your people and organization. 

During this webinar we discuss:

  • How to define diversity and inclusion for your organization
  • Creating a diversity mentoring program that meets your needs
  • How to support your diversity and inclusion mentoring program with mentoring technology

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