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Our customizable online employee survey software accurately and confidentially collects data from your employees and allow you to analyze key drivers of engagement, allowing you to make critical business decisions

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EzQ Employee Survey - Online Employee Surveys

Research shows satisfied, motivated employees will create higher customer satisfaction and in turn form a high-performance organization. Knowing how employees view their workplace, or why they leave, gives you the business intelligence required to strategically flex and accurately engage, retain and compete for talent.

The EzQ Survey tool allows organizations to accurately and confidentially capture employee feedback to identify and evaluate opportunities for workplace improvements.

Utilize the EzQ Online Employee Survey Tool to:
  • Quickly build and deliver unlimited customized satisfaction and exit surveys
  • Ensure candid feedback with complete respondent anonymity
  • Easily access live statistics from a web browser
  • Review real-time results and reports instantly on screen
  • Analyze proven, reliable and valid satisfaction data
The EzQ Employee survey is designed to be used both right away, as is, or it can be customized based on your organization's need. Our subject matter experts in employee surveys are available to help with survey content design and complex statistical analysis on your survey data.