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About this eBook

Employee engagement has become a popular topic among organizations around the world. With 51% of the U.S. workforce reporting that they are disengaged, leaders are realizing that engaging their employees is a priority. Our new eBook discusses employee engagement and provides a guide to help you implement the right engagement strategies. 

Recognizing who your engaged and disengaged employees are is necessary when determining how to continuously improve engagement. Employee engagement can be hard to recognize as it looks different in every organization. What may look like an engaged employee at your workplace may be perceived very differently somewhere else.

It doesn’t matter how large your organization is, disengaged employees can be detrimental to your success and future. When engagement drops, organizations find that deadlines are missed, employees take more time off, and turnover increases dramatically. These issues don’t just impact your stakeholders, but also your engaged employees, as they are the ones left to pick up the slack.

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