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About this eBook

You've put a lot of work into planning or maintaining your mentoring program; don't let the launch fall flat or your program get stale. Market your program and generate excitement among potential mentors and mentees and key stakeholders. 

Initial and ongoing promotion of your program are critical to your mentoring program launch and long term success and sustainability. 

Successful marketing of your mentoring program requires more than a few company wide emails. In this guide, we take the guess work out of creating a detailed strategic marketing plan that leverages a variety of strategies to communicate your message ensuring the most effective reach. This produces maximum interest and support, thus boosting overall mentoring program success.

This eBook takes a deep dive into the best practices of marketing your mentoring program and guides you through creating a strategic marketing plan that meet the needs of your program:

  • The importance of marketing your mentoring program
  • Marketing before your mentoring program launch
  • Marketing during your mentoring program



IG- Ebook- Guide to Marketing Mentoring Program