What is National Mentoring Month?

Launched in 2002 by MENTOR National and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, National Mentoring Month has been supported by notable people in government and culture over the last 20 years.

The goal of the campaign is to celebrate the positive impact mentoring has on the lives of those involved and raise awareness about the power of mentoring relationships. 

Important Dates

January 6, 2022: I Am A Mentor Day

January 17, 2022: International Mentoring Day 

January 27, 2022: Thank Your Mentor Day


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Use #MentoringAmplifies and #MentoringMonth to read about the impact of mentoring and to tell your mentoring story.

Why have a workplace mentoring program? 

Mentoring is a well-accepted and effective development strategy that has a long history within the workplace. Used by over 70% of Fortune 500 organizations, it is used to promote organizational initiatives and support employees through transitions and growth. The pandemic has helped more people see the power mentoring relationships can have.

The Great Resignation and Reshuffle have made a massive impact on organizations. These events are not over and their effects will be felt for some time. An important question is, how did we get here?





Engagement. We know low retention and engagement are often associated with a lack of development opportunities. Many employees who were ready for a new opportunity at their organization did not see it coming. Mentoring is a conduit for career development. By offering mentoring opportunities organizations choose to invest in their people, benefiting the employees and organization. 

Employee Experience. The shift to remote work made a profound impact on the lives of individuals. A majority of employees report a preference for working from home and nearly 20% report loneliness. The workplace used to be a lively place of collaboration and socialization. 

Mentoring promotes developing deep relationships built on trust and respect. A mentoring program can fill the social void for employees while also promoting their professional goals. 

Whether you manage a mentoring program or participate in one, we've gathered our top resources to support you in your mentoring journey.

Resources for
Mentoring Program Administrators 

Upcoming Webinar: Your 2022 Mentoring Strategy

Join us for a 30 minute webinar where we discuss top HR challenges in 2022 and how to leverage mentoring to overcome them.

your 2022 mentoring strategy webinar promot judy


How to Start a Mentoring Program

The definitive guide to planning and implementing a successful and sustainable mentoring program.


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Virtual Mentoring: A Guide to Engaging Your Remote Workforce

Implementing long-term strategies to engage your remote employees is crucial to the success of your employees and organization. 

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Overcoming Challenges to Recruiting Mentors

While most recruiting challenges can be avoided with a detailed marketing plan, sometimes things come up that you don't expect. 

Overcoming Challenges when Recruiting Mentors title graphic


The Differences Between Formal and Informal Mentoring

Formal and informal mentoring, do you know the difference? Make sure you mentoring program is providing results for individuals and your organization.

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Benefits of Investing in Mentoring Software

With the right mentoring software, you will be able to efficiently manage your mentoring program allowing seamless scalability and an increased ROI.  

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Resources for
Mentors and Mentees

Top 10 Tips For Being a Good Mentee

Being a mentee requires more than just showing up to meetings with a mentor. Mentoring relationships require a bit of work and significant input from the mentee.

10 tips for being a good mentee


How to Be a Good Mentor

It is true that the mentee is essential in driving the mentoring relationship. However, the mentor leads the mentee down the path to success. Without that guidance no goals will be met.

Tips for Good Ment


How to Develop Career Capital for Mentees

When you develop career capital, you are able to obtain autonomy in your career. Developing this capital and using it to shape you career and your entire life is very beneficial.



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