Outplacement Video Services

Insala's video services can provide your outplacement firm with professionally developed content and the technology to deliver cutting-edge video as part of your online outplacement solutions.

Use video in your online outplacement services to:

  • Demonstrate your services' multimedia capabilities to prospective clients

  • Save time training clients to use your services with video tutorials

  • Provide career content to your clients' users in an engaging format

Based on more than 18 years experience providing outplacement firms with quality online technology, our video team can assist your firm in creating video that is sure to impress clients, engage users, and outplay the competition.

Our video services include:

  • Customized introduction videos to help clients get started

  • Tutorial videos on tools within EmploymentTalk™

  • Career content video development

Contact us today to speak with an Insala representative about using video in your online outplacement services.

Engage clients and users with cutting-edge video