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About this eBook

The Great Resignation is upon us. Many organizations are experiencing higher than normal levels of voluntary turnover and are planning strategic initiatives to effectively reduce turnover. 

While some priorities and preferences among the workforce have shifted since the pandemic, the top reasons for seeking and taking new job opportunities has not changed: People want career development and growth opportunities.

Mentoring is an effective strategy for improving employee experience as it provides a variety of benefits to participants and the organization.

Mentors and mentees grow their professional networks, engage in knowledge sharing, access career guidance, feel an increased sense of belonging. By facilitating formal mentoring programs, organizations get to invest in their people thus boosting employee engagement and employee retention. 

This eBook details how to start a mentoring program that brings value to individuals and your organization. 

This eBook covers:

  • How mentoring programs benefit organizations
  • Our 4 phase model for creating and running a successful mentoring program
  • A week by week plan for launching a successful mentoring program
12 week roadmap for starting a mentoring program