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Talent Management Software

Insala's Talent Management Software answers the Talent Management challenge with two powerful modules iSuccession and iPerformance. Each module is configurable or customizable to each organization's business process requirements. This talent management software is driven by a comprehensive competency and company management engine.

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Talent Management Software

Talent management software enables you to bring out the best in your people. And, your people bring out the best in your business. With talent management software you easily attract, identify, develop, retain and deploy high potential employees – those who can make a difference, a real difference, in your success.

Are you attracting top performers? Are you optimizing their skills? Are they engaged? Do you have an immediate pool of people to meet your needs? Are you worried about leadership gaps? Is your organizational performance at its best? Talent management software provides the answers.

What’s in it for your people?
A sense that you care. They see your efforts to enhance their growth and well-being through the opportunities you provide. They realize your commitment to them . . . and they return it to you.

What’s in it for your business?
Increased success. Companies with integrated talent management software report a 60% higher return than those with unintegrated HR software (High-Impact Talent Management: Trends, Best Practices, and Industry Solutions).