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About this eBook

With more than half of the workforce now performing their roles remotely, implementing long-term strategies to engage your remote employees is crucial to the success of your employees and organization. 

Mentoring is a well accepted strategy known to  benefit mentees, mentors, and organizations in many ways. When many think about mentoring or implementing a mentoring program, traditional mentoring is what comes to mind.

Virtual mentoring is an effective delivery option that relies on the methodologies of traditional mentoring, but leverages technology to facilitate the mentoring relationship. This format presents opportunities for a workforce spread across a region, a country, or even the globe. 

Our eBook discusses how to increase long-term remote employee engagement with a virtual mentoring program supported by technology.

Read our virtual mentoring eBook to discover:

  • 3 ways to implement a virtual mentoring program
  • The benefits of utilizing mentoring software to engage remote employees
  • 4 mentoring software features to support the success of  your program


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