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Our complimentary webinar series covers a number of key topics on talent development strategies including career development, mentoring, and career transition as crucial components for your human capital strategy.

Our discussions will provide you with food for thought on how to generate sustainable talent development within your organization. Please register for any upcoming webinars and view any of our other webinars on-demand. If you have any suggestions on webinar topics, please contact us.

Discovering the ROI of Corporate Alumni Networks

Lifelong relationships with alumni can open up many new doors for organizations that were previously inaccessible to them - or that they may not have known existed at all.

Marketing for Mentoring: During the Program

This is Part 2 of our 2 part webinar series on Marketing Your Mentoring Program. For this webinar, we will discuss the importance of continuing to market your mentoring program after it has begun.

Marketing for Mentoring: Before the Launch

This is Part 1 of our webinar series on Marketing for Mentoring. For this webinar, are doing away with the old saying "build it and they will come", and taking a closer like at how a successful marketing plan can bring success to your mentoring program.

Mentoring Millennials: Developing Your Program

This is Part 3 of our webinar series on Mentoring Millennials. For this webinar, we will discuss the development of your mentoring program and what you need to make it successful.

Mentoring Millennials: Boosting the Bottom Line

This is Part 2 of our 3 Part webinar series on Mentoring Millennials. In this webinar, we took a deeper look into the deeper into the Return on Investment that your company can gain through providing a mentoring program for your millennial employees.

Mentoring Millennials: Making the Change for Your Organization

This is Part 1 of our 3 Part webinar series on Mentoring Millennials. In this webinar, we took a deeper look into the mentoring desires of your millennial workforce.

Empowering Women Leaders Through Mentoring Partnerships

In this webinar, we discuss how mentoring can help organizations plan the steps to launch a mentoring program to empower women seeking leadership development.

How to Overcome 3 Major Challenges When Managing a Mentoring Program

In this webinar, we discuss the importance of managers being aware of the challenges that they may face when implementing and executing a mentoring program.

Closing the Generation Gap Through Mentoring

In this webinar, we discussed how mentoring can close the ever-present generation gap between the Baby Boomers and Millennials, and encourage these individuals to work together to benefit their organization.

5 Types of Modern Mentoring That Can Benefit Your Organization

In this webinar, our goal is to help understand the factors on why employees leave and how having a mentor can improve these factors.

Onboarding Your New Hires. How to Make It More Effective Through Mentoring

In this webinar, our goal is to help further build your business case for mentoring to support onboarding and help you start planning a mentoring program for your new hires

How to Launch A Successful Mentoring Program in 12 Weeks

By the end of this webinar you will have a 12 week plan to get you started and before you know, you will have successful relationships that will be flourishing.

Marketing Your Mentoring Program To Achieve Success

At Insala we have advised and assisted many organizations on how to market their mentoring programs with one goal in mind - Creating successful relationships to achieve your business objectives. This webinarwill help you start planning your marketing activities.

How to Reduce Your 2017 Training Expenses with Mentoring

In this webinar, we discussed 5 modern mentoring concepts that can facilitate learning within your organization that is more agile and allows for a larger possibility of knowledge sharing.

Increase Employee Retention through Mentoring

Insala’s mentoring subject matter expert - will share her 20+ years of experience in assisting organizations with their mentoring programs, and will speak about how formal mentoring and training work together, reduce training expenditures, and are more effective to your employees and organization

Supporting Emerging Women Leaders with Mentoring

We are seeing more women continue to work towards executive leadership roles, but mostly males populate the average C-level position. Organizations are now turning to use formal mentoring as an effective way to support and encourage women as they develop into these roles.

How Mentoring Can Boost Employee Retention and Your Bottom Line

Retention is becoming an increasing priority of all types of organizations around the globe especially since this change in the workforce is growing. Mentoring is a cost effective way an organization can improve employee retention.

Developing Your Future Leaders Through Mentoring

By creating leaders through mentoring, organizations are able to transition the skill set and the intricacies of the organization’s culture from these executives to the up and coming future of the organization.

Mentoring for Financial Professionals

Why is mentoring so successful for financial services and their employees? Find out the real ROI and tips on how to launch a mentoring program for finance professionals.

Mentoring for Diversity - The Business Strategy

Diversity and inclusion have been a part of HR for more than 30 years and has moved from a compliance program to a business strategy. The workforce has changed and are now both younger and older, culturally and globally diverse.

Recruiting Mentors: How to get qualified mentors that volunteer to be in your mentoring program

Listen to Insala's Mentoring Program Expert to learn the definition of a mentor, the competencies needed and tips and advice on your marketing plan to recruit more mentors.

Best Practices for Mentoring Programs Within a Large Organization

Listen to Insala's Mentoring Program Expert to find out all the latest trends and best practices on managing a mentoring program for a large organization. With your large employee population, mentoring programs that are not implemented or managed properly are subject to a greater loss.

The Secret Sauce to Mentoring in 2015

Recent studies have shown that measurement is one of the biggest challenges mentoring program managers are experiencing today. This 45 minute webinar will walk you through the five steps to make your mentoring program a sustainable business strategy.

Mentoring for Knowledge Transfer in Today's Workplace

Baby Boomers are retiring, Generation X is moving into leadership positions, Millennials are expected to comprise 40% of the global workforce by 2020 and Generation Z already claims 10%. With 4 generations on the job, managers across functional departments are challenged with getting employees to communicate and transfer their knowledge.

7 Tips to Get Mentors and Mentees to Make Time for Mentoring

A major challenge for mentoring program managers is keeping your mentors and mentees engaged enough to continue meeting on a regular basis. To help program managers avoid this challenge we have compiled our top 7 best practices.

So You've Got New Hires! Now What?

According to Aberdeen research 86% of new hires make their decision to leave or stay within the first 6 months, and 89% say they do not have the level of knowledge and tools necessary to do their jobs. This webinar focuses on helping managers leverage mentoring to more effectively onboard new employees and reduce time-to-productivity.

Mentoring and the "Success" in "Succession Planning"

Maintaining strong leadership within your organization comes down to being pro-active in developing leadership skills and a succession pipeline. Succession planning is often a reactive approach: desperately scrambling to find someone with the potential to grow into a vacant leadership role. Succession development on the other hand will ensure that new leaders are ready and able to take on their new roles with confidence.